A selection of photographs taken in VR with the photo feature of Earthlight Arcade VR (2017) by Opaque Media, running on a PC with a full Oculus Rift VR kit, in 1080p resolution.

Artist Statement:

To The Sound of Your Own Breathing is about letting go and pushing away. It’s the opportunity to see the world (literally) from a new perspective, and redefine the scale of your existence. It is a curated series of extraordinary visual moments trapped in the stillness of space, best experienced with the endless, gentle rasp of breathing in your ears.

Additional comments:

Invited by Opaque Media to collaborate artistically, I was asked to produce a pre-release set of photographs in Earthlight VR—a virtual reality spacewalk experience outside of the International Space Station—to celebrate the game’s near completion.

The camera provided in-game is an authentic representation of what NASA astronauts would use in space. It is a stick-mounted, fixed, wide-lens digital camera, held in one hand at a distance, and connected by a cable to the midsection of the astronaut’s suit.

Special thanks to Opaque Media for the opportunity to collaborate with them. Visit www.earthlightvr.com or follow @OPXSpace for more details on their VR experiences.